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Brought to you by MultiLingual TV and Nimdzi Insights, the C-Suite HotSeat show is a collection of short conversations with the executives at language service providers worldwide. In these episodes, the hosts from Nimdzi Insights ask a mix of rapid-fire and more in-depth questions to find out how the C-Suite got to where they are today.

Brought to you by MultiLingual TV and Nimdzi Insights of C-Suite HotSeat

Latest Episodes…

  1. Loving Languages with CEO Diego Cresceri | C-Suite HotSeat E22

    Diego Cresceri is CEO & Founder of Creative Words and co-founder of Creative AI. His clients include multilingual translation agencies, Italian companies aiming to internationalize, and foreign companies aiming to enter the Italian market. He is currently the President of the Board of Directors of ELIA, the European Language Industry ...


  2. Creating Human Connections with Vera Richards | C-Suite HotSeat E21

    Vera Richards has spent over 20 years in various positions within the language industry. With a passion for removing language and cultural barriers and helping bridge communication gaps, she has worked on the client side and for the past 15 years on the language service provider side, ...


  3. Finding Fun in Business with CEO Olivier Marcheteau | C-Suite HotSeat E20

    Olivier Marcheteau is an experienced International leader with a track record of over 15 years leading growth companies to enable them to succeed and scale in highly competitive, international, and technologically driven environments. He has experience managing large and complex businesses as well as structuring and driving to success smaller, ...


  4. The Power of Language Access with CEO Luis Miguel Musi | C-Suite HotSeat E19

    Luis Miguel is the CEO at Avantpage, Inc. Luis is responsible for our mission to provide immigrants with the opportunity to reach their American dream. Luis is passionate about helping our clients communicate effectively with immigrants in a language they can both understand. With over 20 years of leadership experience ...


  5. Be True to Yourself in Business with CEO John Fennelly | C-Suite HotSeat E18

    John Fennelly is the CEO of Lionbridge, the pioneer and leader in translation and localization services. As CEO, he is leading our 6,000 employees in over 50 countries. Since joining Lionbridge, John has led a major transformation of the company and returned it to growth. Prior to ...