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Brought to you by MultiLingual TV and Nimdzi Insights, the C-Suite HotSeat show is a collection of short conversations with the executives at language service providers worldwide. In these episodes, the hosts from Nimdzi Insights ask a mix of rapid-fire and more in-depth questions to find out how the C-Suite got to where they are today.

Brought to you by MultiLingual TV and Nimdzi Insights of C-Suite HotSeat

Latest Episodes…

  1. Play to Your Strengths With CEO Spence Green | C-Suite HotSeat E07

    Spence Green is Lilt’s Co-Founder and CEO. Prior to founding Lilt, Spence worked as a fellow at XSeed Capital and in software and research at Google, where he worked on Google Translate. He received a PhD and MS in Computer Science from Stanford and a BS from the University of ...


  2. Learning Business with Anu Carnegie-Brown | C-Suite HotSeat E06

      SUBSCRIBED     Anu empowers people to achieve their language-related goals. Since the mid-nineties, she has extended this leadership approach to students on university translation courses, to clients who ...


  3. The Power of Culture, Coaching and Contemplating with CGO Jonas Ryberg | C-Suite HotSeat E05

    Jonas Ryberg manages the Globalization Practice at Digital Services firm Pactera EDGE. He has spent more than 20 years in the industry, in a career that started in Sweden and currently has taken him to Seattle, WA. In his role as Chief Globalization Officer at Pactera EDGE, Jonas oversees Language ...


  4. How to Love Business Challenges with CEO Silke Zschweigert | C-Suite HotSeat E04

    Silke Zschweigert is a passionate, authentic, and driven executive, with 23 years of experience in the language software and services industry. Before becoming CEO at Jonckers, Silke was a member of the executive team at SDL as their Chief Delivery Officer. She's always looking for ways to be better, faster, ...


  5. Building Your Own Company with CPTO Roeland Hofkens | C-Suite Hot Seat E03

    Roeland Hofkens combines more than 20 years of experience in multilingual content management with extensive software engineering skills and a strong background in machine learning to deliver innovative products and solutions as CPTO of LanguageWire. From an early age, Roeland developed a passion for technology and languages. Getting a master’s ...